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"You can, at any time of your life, rewire yourself, provided I can convince you that there is nothing permanent or compulsive in your system, except what you believe to be so."

~Moshe Feldenkrais, DSc~

For you convenience, our office is Handicap accessible from the Summer street side of the building. There is a wheel chair ramp and elevators.

*By Appointment Only*

60 Minute Relaxation ~ $65


90 Minute Relaxation ~ $100

120 Minutes Relaxation ~ $130 (Cheryl)


60 Minute Deep Tissue ~ $75


90 Minute Deep Tissue ~ $105

120 Minutes Deep Tissue ~ $150


60 Minute Pre-Natal ~ $75 (David)


90 Minute Pre-Natal ~ $115 (David)


60 Minute Sports ~ $85 (David)


60 Minute Reiki Session ~ $65 (Cheryl)

Note on Services:

   You get what you pay for with Down to Earth Muscular Therapy. Your sessions are for the entire time you've paid for. No "50 min. for an hour " with us. We wouldn't want that. We are fairly sure you don't either.


   We ask that first time clients please show up 15 min early for your appointment. There will be a brief form you'll need to fill out prior to your session. This will also give the therapist time to discuss and assess your issues.

  After your first visit we recommend that you arrive approximately 10 min early to check in and get ready. Tardiness will cut into your appointment time.

  We also, respectfully, ask that clients observe proper hygiene and not come to an appointment without showering from a workout or a particularly dirty job. The therapists reserve the right to refuse service if someone is deemed to unhygienic.

Thank You!

On Site Visits:

   For your convenience, Down to Earth therapists can come to you. Experience the power of our work without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

   On site appointments can not be booked on line and must be booked directly with us. " Contact Us" if you'd like to book. On site visits cost an additional $25 to any of our regular service prices.

   The $25 fee is a "site" fee and is applied once per site, per visit. Not per person.

Service Personal Discount:

  Down to Earth muscular Therapy supports our service personal and understands the mental and physical toll your jobs demand of you. Over exertion, physical and emotional stress, repetitive motion issues, job related injuries, and post traumatic stress are just some of the issues that can be managed or alleviated with the help of our therapies.

Down to Earth Muscular Therapy is happy to give a $25 discount, on any service, to service personal.

To qualify for this discount Service personal will have to provide the following;

*If Military, a military ID or if retired either a retired ID or VA ID.

*If Police, Firefighter or rescue (EMT/Paramedic), a badge, license, current certification, or some other credential.

  This offer will be extended to the Immediate family members of military personal currently deployed, through the duration of their deployment. (wife, husband, and children 18yrs and under). You will need proof of the family members deployment status.

 Thank you for your service!

This discount may be used with other offers.

Thank You

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