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About Us

" A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes."


   Down to Earth Muscular Therapy, we have a simple belief and unique approach to our work, to empower our clients.

   Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance and that it begins with listening. We'll take into account how you've been feeling and what you've been experiencing, then combined with what we find, we'll strive to create an experience that is tailored to your needs and that will give you tangible results that you will notice almost immediately.

   We have the knowledge and skill to work in conjunction with your other health care providers or personal trainer to help you achieve your goals. Why let pain and discomfort hold you back? 

   The human body is amazing in it's ability to self correct, balance, and heal itself ( a process called homeostasis), but sometimes the rigors of life can be to overwhelming. Like a computer receiving to much input, it can't process fast enough and starts to "freeze" up. Through repetitive motion, muscle memory, and bad habits we cause our bodies to be stuck in a state of dysfunction. We see our job as "rebooting" the body, helping your body get back to a state where things start functioning properly on there own again.

   Issues such as chronic back pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, sciatica, carpal tunnel, or any one of a number of injuries, are some of the problems we can provide tailored treatments for. We can help alleviate or eliminate your pain and discomfort, increase your range of motion and flexibility, or help you recover from surgery or injuries faster. Then we can provide you with information and the means to maintain the work at home or between visits, so you can continue enjoying the new you. Let us help improve your quality of life.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

About Your Therapists

Cheryl J Smith LMT (Lic. # 2050)

   Cheryl Smith started her career studying Usui Reiki, which lead to her discovering massage therapy a few years later. She is an advanced second degree Reiki practitioner who was honored to appear with her reiki teacher, John Harvey Gray, on NH Chronicle. She is a Nationally Certified Muscular Therapist, licensed in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts for the past 16 years. She completed the 750 hour massage certification program at New Hampshire Community Technical College. She also holds an Associate’s degree from Lasell College in Newton Massachusetts.

   During her massage training she was able to volunteer to be part of the massage team for the Boston Marathon. The event helped advance her knowledge of the unique needs of runners. More recently, she has taken classes that specifically focus on the occupational injuries associated with careers like nursing, dental hygienist, office staff, and musicians. She has also taken classes focusing on specific conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, headaches, back pain, and stress related disorders.

   During her years as a massage therapist, Cheryl has provided chair massage for many companies, hospitals, and nursing homes. She enjoys being able to bring massage therapy directly to where people are and to be able to introduce massage therapy to people who might not otherwise ever have a chance to enjoy it. She continues working with athletes and volunteers yearly at the Pan-Mass Challenge, the American Lung Association Cape Escape Bike Trek, and the Family Promise Metro West Walk-a-thon, where she gets to spend time with other therapists learning new skills.

David J Bussiere LMT, CMMT (Lic. # 5602)

   David has been a licensed, practicing muscular therapist for over 19 years. Unlike most therapists, he was in school for nearly four years and attended two different massage schools. The schools were almost polar opposite in there teaching style, but afforded him a much more encompassing education in muscular therapy being able to choose from many electives such as Advanced Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy, Medical Massage and treating the elderly and people with special needs. He focused much of his continuing education along these lines including a gross anatomy class at URI via Cortiva Institute and most recently he completed an advanced Medical Massage program.

   In his time as a muscular therapist, David spent nearly 6 years working for a chiropractic office in Raynham, MA where he also improved his skill base by working closely with the chiropractor and increasing his knowledge of spinal dysfunctions and injuries with firsthand experience. David considers himself a "fix it" person and has an intense interest in the human body and how it functions. He constantly looks for new skills to incorporate into his work and new ways to help clients regain physical functionality. He has spent time studying Qi Gong and incorporating it into his work. He has also been researching psychological impacts on the physical body. Primarily the effects of fear and PTSD.

David's overall approach to his work is an integrated style of bodywork. What he refers to as Qi Gong Integrated Massage. A self created style where he draws on all of his experiences to best address the body as a whole, but allows him to easily change(sometimes in mid treatment) the style of his work to suite a clients needs.

About Qi gong Integrated Massage

Qi Gong is sort of an all encompassing word/phrase for all of the aspects of Chinese medicine, but more commonly thought of in terms of energy work or in a martial form like Tai Chi. Qi (Ki or Chi) is commonly translated as "life energy" or "life force", but the more literal translation is "air" or "breath". Most of the practices in Chinese medicine revolve around the idea of reestablishing the bodies flow of energy. An important component to that is proper breathing and breathing techniques. Surprisingly, proper breathing is more of an issue than most people realize and can be the cause, or result of other issues.*

David has adopted the eastern philosophy of addressing the body as a whole. When looking for the causes of dysfunction or pain he tries to consider every possible influence, even environmental, that could be the Root Cause. Because, usually, what someone is feeling in one area at a given moment can be a result or symptom of the actual problem somewhere else in the body. Example; many people are surprised to find out that the headaches they've been having or even TMJD can originate in the shoulder or neck muscles, and could be caused by a poor work environment.

Combining this approach with some deep breathing, Qi Gong energy work and the other techniques he's learned over the years, David has created a style of bodywork uniquely his own. It's proven to be widely effective and is easily augmented to suite any body or issue.

*If you find that you yawn a lot, it's a sign that your body is oxygen deprived. Yawning is your bodies automatic response and attempt to increase your blood oxygen level.

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