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Chair Massage
Corporate & Special Events

Corporate Chair Massage
  Down To Earth can be hired for corporate functions or to help improve employee productivity. Liven up a special event or show employee appreciation by having chair massage at your next function. 
  Chair massage has also been shown to help improve productivity by reducing work place stress and fatigue. It has also been proven to help cut down on absenteeism and reduce work related health insurance claims.
  Please contact us directly for more details. Find out how we can help increase productivity, decrease work place stress, and fend off a number of work related injuries that cost companies millions in health related insurances claims.
  We offer fair, upfront pricing, and will coordinate with you to help manage your time and money when booking your event. 

 Contact us directly to set up your special event today!

Our base rate is $75 per hour, per therapist.

  We automatically include an additional hour for events longer than 4 hours. This is to give us a half hour break and allows for a half hour overlap time. Also, this allows us time to take people who may have missed their time slot ( which almost always happens) or to allow for additional people.